Become a JetLagFX affiliate, and get paid to provide your visitors with the world’s #1 travel supplement. Perfect for travel bloggers, aviation enthusiasts, flight attendants, pilots, or just people who love giving great advice to their friends!

Our mission is to help travelers avoid jet lag, and arrive feeling refreshed and relaxed after a long flight. JetLagFX is the world’s most trusted travel supplement and our affiliate program is a simple way for you to provide your visitors with a useful information while at at the same time make a profit.



It’s simple: We give you tools to help you drive traffic to and pay you a commission based on your success.

Your tools will include compelling text links, eye-catching banners, and articles to use on your site and social media posts. Each of these will have its own unique ID that will allow us to measure exactly how much traffic you are driving to You’ll earn a fixed percentage (30%) of each sale you bring to us.

If your audience is interested in traveling and you are looking for a supplementary source of income, apply today!


First, you must apply to join our affiliate network and await approval. Once you have been approved, you’ll be granted access to our affiliate area where you will find all the marketing material you’ll need!



Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based advertising program in which online publishers, or affiliates, can earn a commission on orders submitted by customers they refer to an online merchant ( They do this by creatively integrating products into their site through blogs, product reviews, banner advertisements, etc. The tracking process is simple. Once in the affiliate program, affiliates can create affiliate links to When that link is clicked on by a visitor to that affiliate’s site, a tracking cookie is planted on that user’s computer. When that same visitor completes a purchase at, the cookie fires and a commission is applied to that affiliate’s account.

You will get paid 30% from each sale (item price only – excluding shipping costs). We reward our affiliates for their hard work some of the industry’s highest affiliate payout rates.

Payments are generally made on the 1st of each month. Higher volume affiliates can request more frequent payouts.

Payouts will be made via PayPal in US dollars.

It is completely free to create an account with us and join the affiliate program. Because there is no charge, there is virtually no risk in getting involved!

No – we accept affiliates from all over the world!

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